Flyer Submission Guidelines

Businesses and organizations seeking to distribute an electronic and/or hard copies of flyers to benefit the students and parents of the St. Vrain Valley School district may do so by following the guidelines below.

Flyer Submission

To submit a flyer, complete the flyer submission form and attach your flyer as a PDF (not to exceed 3MB).

Please note, that Title I* schools require you to submit a Spanish version of your flyer as well, if you’ve selected a school for which this is a requirement, a second attachment field will appear in the form below.

** Flyers submitted for these schools without a Spanish copy, will not be approved.

Flyers can be submitted anytime online at:

Flyer Criteria

Flyers submitted for review must comply with SVVSD Board Policy KHC and not contain “unacceptable material” as defined by that “Policy”
** This includes, but is not limited to “hate” literature; material promoting hostility, disorder, or violence; commercial message/materials; libelous materials or those invading the privacy rights of others; political materials; or materials that are obscene or pornographic.

Material submitted should be of benefit to the parents and students of St. Vrain Valley School District.  Flyer approval is managed by the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley.

Flyer Approval

Flyers are approved on a weekly basis for the following month by the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley.

You will only be contacted by EFSVV staff if your flyer has not been approved. Please check here to see if your flyer is up on the website:

They are automatically deleted at the conclusion of each month.

Flyer Distribution

PRIMARY DISTRIBUTION: Electronic, free of charge.

Once approved, your flyer will be listed on the district website, a link to the flyer website is located on each school website and at

After approval, you may print up to 30 copies per school for distribution on community tables and bulletin boards. These copies may be taken directly to the schools, or dropped off at the district warehouse at 2929 Clover Basin Dr., Longmont, CO.

  • ** Green Star* Schools do not accept hard copies.
  • ** Title I* Schools require an equal number of Spanish copies as well.

SECONDARY DISTRIBUTION: Community Flyer Partner, fees apply – see below.

If you would like to include your flyers in elementary school take home folders you may do so by becoming a Community Flyer Partner.

  • This is a tax deductible donation and you will receive a receipt for this.
  • Despite being a Green Star school, Red Hawk Elementary, will accept hard copies.
  • In order to deliver to Title I schools you must include a English and Spanish version.

Become a Community Flyer Partner

  • Select which partnership level you would like to join,
  • Select the schools you would like to distribute take home flyers to.
  • When you complete the form, you’ll be redirected to PayPal to pay for your selected partnership level.
    • Distribution to 1 school:  $150 for a one-year period*.
    • Distribution to 2 to 5 schools:  $500 for a one-year period.
    • Distribution to 6 or more schools:  $1,000 for a one-year period.
  • Upon receipt of your payment you’ll receive a confirmation email including the following information:
    • Your status as a Community Flyer Partner (start and end dates).
    • Student counts for the schools you’ve selected, this will help you determine how many hard copies should be made.
      ** We recommend a 3-5% increase throughout the year to adjust for student changes.
    • A copy of The Education Foundation’s logo, which we encourage you to include on your materials.

Become a Community Flyer Partner

Staff Flyers

The Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley also offers businesses an opportunity to reach out to the staff within St. Vrain Valley School District. Both primary and secondary distributions are free of charge. These flyers must meet the same criteria stated above, but can be submitted at any time to for approval.

Contact Caroline Grundy at for any questions about the flyer program.

  • * Title I Schools include Columbine Elementary, Indian Peaks Elementary, Northridge Elementary, Rocky Mountain Elementary, Timberline PK-8 and Thunder Valley K-8.
  • * Green Star Schools include Burlington Elementary, Red Hawk Elementary, Blue Mountain Elementary, Central Elementary, Hygiene Elementary and Lyons Elementary.
  • * One-Year Periods refer to one 365 day period from the date of enrollment as a Community Flyer Partner.