Encore Award Program

This awards program provides the opportunity for students, parents, community members and business partners to recognize and honor individual teachers at the Pre-K – 12 levels in the St. Vrain Valley School District who exemplify excellence in teaching.

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Recognizing three teachers from each St. Vrain Valley school annually

The recognition received at the Encore Awards celebration reminds teachers of the great appreciation and respect that the community holds for its outstanding teachers. As Encore Award recipient Jim Asmus, CDC Multimedia Technology Teacher states,

“Obviously teachers don’t do their job for the recognition they might get, but it is still nice to get that recognition once in a while. The award means a lot to me as a reminder that there is support for our efforts to make each school day a great learning experience for students.”

The Encore Awards are presented at wonderful ceremony called the Tribute to Teachers. The Foundation hosts the Tribute with the generous financial support of our business and community partners. In fact, the recognition we are able to give to our fantastic teachers would not be possible without the financial contributions of our partners. To view the Sponsorship Package, click here.

Plans are underway for this year’s Tribute to Teachers gala which will once again be held at the Plaza Conference Center in May.

Award Recipients

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Featured 2016 Spotlight Award Recipient:

Betsey Beamer

Betsey Beamer, 1st Grade Teacher at Erie Elementary School with her students.

What an Encore Award nomination means to me:

“When I was nominated for an Encore Award last year, I was super excited to represent Erie Elementary, and felt immensely appreciative of the folks who had taken the time to write their nominations. The evening was incredible from the start- the keynote speaker was beyond inspiring and being able to enjoy time with colleagues that I respect both personally and professionally was a wonderful bonus.  One of  my phenomenal  colleagues received the Encore Award and I was beyond thrilled for him, as my son had the amazing experience of being in his class, and I know first-hand what an incredible teacher and mentor he is.  It was an awesome celebration to be a part of!  After the Encore Award presentations, I was ready to soak in the upcoming festivities and keep the celebration going.  I had no idea that there were more awards to come.  It turned out that there was  something called a “Spotlight Award”- I had no idea what that was…  So as I sat listening to an amazing letter submitted by an incredible parent describing the learning environment for her child, I found myself marveling at the incredible teachers we have in our schools.  As I  had felt with every teacher who had been recognized throughout the evening, I found myself thinking: “I want to be in THEIR classroom!”  The letter took a turn. It was one line.  And like a flood of roaring waters, it hit me. The classroom that was being described was mine.  And the tears began to flow…  Even as I type this to you, I am crying.  Receiving a Spotlight Award was humbling.  It was an incredible honor.  And I am beyond grateful to the Education Foundation for providing me the opportunity to experience something so monumental, and to the parents who entrust me with their kiddos every day.


One of the parent nominators for Betsey writes that every day is an adventure in this elementary teacher’s class. She finds something to celebrate with every child. The class is always moving and learning. She instills personal ownership in each child. They work together and independently, forming teams and helping each other. She challenges them and asks, “how can we make this better?” The energy level is always high. To make learning important to the students and to see that they are successful, this teacher focuses on each student individually, going so far as to make 24 different spelling lists, 24 pretests, and 24 individual spelling tests. She has a classroom website and dojo site. She is the teacher one always wanted to have as a student. She makes learning fun and most of the time the students do not even realize how much they are learning. She is a driving force for community involvement and is a warm and inviting person, always ready to listen, no matter who you are, student, former student, sibling of a student, parent or colleague. She makes you feel important in a way few people can.

Another parent writes, her patience is so admirable. She knows how to communicate complex, abstract information to children in a way that seems easy and understandable. When I volunteer in her class, I learn something new. She encourages students to think through the subjects and express their answers and viewpoints. She communicates to parents through multiple channels and encourages parent involvement in all the lessons. This parent continues, I’ve watched her give children with special needs in her classroom the support and additional attention they needed without neglecting the needs of other students. She did it by instilling in her classroom an understanding that they were a family. They help each other, care for each other, accept each other and have fun with each other. And it works, it really does. This parent adds, my son has special needs and was anxious about moving to 1st grade from this teacher’s kindergarten class. When I told him that his kindergarten teacher was going to be his 1st grade teacher, he totally relaxed and has been happy to be at school. His skills and abilities have flourished this year. His social skills and interactions with others have greatly improved. He’s made such tremendous progress and this progress must be credited to this teacher and to the wonderful turn of events that allowed him to have her as his teacher for two years…..she has changed his future.