Kids need someone to believe in them
in order to succeed.

What if a whole city believed in them?


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Why a 529 plan? The cost of education is a real problem and a deterrent to college, trade, vocational and technical schools. While we want our children to get degrees and skilled jobs, we also want them to buy homes, build new businesses and raise a new generation here in Longmont (all things that are postponed with debt). But it costs half as much to save for educational costs as it does to borrow for them, especially when starting young.

With 529 Jump, Longmont is further committing to being the world’s greatest village. With 75% of jobs in Colorado requiring a college degree, investing in the class of 2036’s education ensures we have skilled workers, volunteers, and voters in our future.

With just a small amount of help from our community, we can set up 529 accounts for every Kindergartener in Longmont, showing them that the city believes in their future and supports them in their education efforts.

What is 529 Jump?

529 Jump is a community program that is designed to bring awareness to saving for post-secondary education by utilizing a tax deducting 529 savings account. City of Longmont Councilmember Bonnie Finley had the unique idea to educate the public on the importance of saving for post-secondary college. Councilmember Finley worked to recruit local community leaders to serve on a committee, later named 529 Jump, to build the beginning pieces of this awareness campaign. With the support of St. Vrain Valley Schools, along with the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley serving as the fiscal agent of 529 Jump, the City of Longmont Council provided the initial seed money of $25,000 from the Council Contingency Fund to get this program off and running.

To read the Longmont Observer Op-Ed Guest Editorial by Bonnie Finley about 529 Jump Click Here. 

Founding 529 Jump Committee Members include Bonnie Finley, City of Longmont Councilmember, Tim Waters, City of Longmont Councilmember, Josh Atherton, Executive Director of the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley, Matthew Wiggins, Director of Community & Business Development of St. Vrain Valley Schools, Audrey Seybold, Principal of Columbine Elementary, Michelle Sulek, Community Development Manager of Elevations Credit Union, Eric Hozempa, Executive Director of the Longmont Community Foundation, Brennan Hannon, Advisor Relations Manager, CollegeInvest, Brady Steffl, Grants Consultant, Scott Cook, CEO, Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce, Carrie Adams, Program Director, Silver Creek Leadership Academy, Margarita Finley, Touchpoint Marketing.

To qualify for the 529 Jump match the following is required:

  1. Must be a resident of the city of Longmont
  2. Must have a kindergartner entering a Longmont St. Vrain Valley School for the 2019-2020 school year.
  3. Must sign up for a 529 CollegeInvest plan (Direct Portfolio, Scholars Choice, Smart Choice, Stable Value Plus) AND deposit at least $25 in the account (matches for the 529 Jump are a dollar to the dollar from $25 to $50).
  4. Fill out the 529 Match Form with the required information and send to Education Foundation Office at 619 Bowen St. Longmont, CO. 80501. Once EFSVV confirms the deposit of your funds into the 529 plan, EFSVV will send the match to CollegeInvest that will be applied to your account. The match could take 6-8 weeks to be applied.  To complete the form online click here.


Let’s help get Longmont’s future doctors, lawyers, business owners, authors, electricians, law enforcement officers, scientists, etc. started on their future success.

Click here for a flyer on the program.

To sign up for a CollegeInvest Account

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To make a donation via check:

Please make the check payable to EFSVV and put 529 Jump in the memo line.
Mail to:
PO Box 2598
Longmont, CO  80502