Encore Award Nomination Form

Submitting a nomination:

Online form submission: CLICK HERE

Spanish nomination form: CLICK HERE 

  • This is the only process to submit a nomination form in 2018.

Nominations must be received electronically no later than April 1st. Nominations received after this date are not eligible.


About Tribute to Teachers

This awards program, sponsored by the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley, provides the opportunity for students, parents, community members, and business partners to recognize and honor individual teachers at the Pre-K – 12 levels in the St. Vrain Valley School District who exemplify excellence in teaching. By paying tribute to the achievements of teachers who have an extraordinary impact on the achievements of students, the Foundation and the community hope to pay tribute to the accomplishments of all teachers.

One teacher from each St. Vrain Valley School will receive Encore recognition. At least two other teachers from each school will be honored as finalists. The Encore Awards are presented annually at the Tribute to Teachers celebration. The recipient receives $100 for classroom use, and the recipients and finalists all receive a certificate of recognition at Tribute to Teachers in May.

All St. Vrain Valley Schools are eligible for these awards!


Nomination Criteria

Nominations are accepted from students, parents, volunteers and other teachers and staff at the school as well as from community members or the school’s business partners. Nominators can nominate only one teacher per school.

In order to qualify as a nominee, the teacher must currently be a licensed educator in the State of Colorado and employed in a teaching assignment at a St. Vrain Valley School District campus for the current school year.

Both the teacher and the nominator must sign the nomination form indicating that both parties are aware of and agree to the nomination. In the case of an electronic submission, the nominator needs to indicate that the nomination has been reviewed with the teacher as shown on the form. A sentence confirming this for the review panel is required. This step offers the nominator the opportunity to let the teacher know he/she is being nominated and provide some feedback on the excellent job being done.

Thank you for your nomination . . .

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